How the Vanquish ME treatment works

Vanquish is an FDA-approved body contouring procedure, which uses radio frequency energy to heat and kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. The procedure is not intended for massive weight loss, but for the reduction of the abdomen from flank to flank. Sit comfortably and relax while your fat is being selectively targeted and disrupted.The procedure is virtually painless and requires zero downtime. Results are typically achieved in four to six 45-minute treatments.



The electrical impedance of various tissue layers differs. BTL Vanquish ME automatically tunes its frequency to match and target its thermal energy into the impedance range of fat tissue. Vanquish ME remains blind to non-fatty tissues and does not deliver a significant amount of thermal energy into those areas. Specifically affecting fat layers, BTL Vanquish ME triggers heat induced apoptosis* and reduces the circumference of the entire abdominal area.



The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases to apoptic levels in the fat tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from apoptic temperature levels.

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Vanquish Pricing Packages

Single treatment $650 (we do not recommend only a single visit as it takes more than just one session to see results)

Mini Slim2 treatments now $949 was $1,300 save $351

(2x45min stomach or 2x60min thigh/upper arm) Excellent for the person that has an active lifestyle looking to tone and tighten only.

Fitness Special-3 treatments now $1,199 was $1,600 save $401

Perfect for anyone that has just a little bit they want to lose but don’t have the “pinchable” fat needed for most Coolsculpting™ treatments.

Core Reducer4 treatments- now $1,499 was $1,900 save $401

(4x45min stomach or 4x45min middle back/ bra line) Great for active bodies that want a slimmer look.

Tummy or Thigh Slimmer- 6 treatments- now $1,999 was $2,500 save $501

Tummy-6×45 minute Stomach treatments focused on reducing belly pooch or overhang and love handles.

Thigh-6×60 minute upper leg treatments focused on reducing the circumference of the hip and thigh area. This is a great option for those dealing with the “pear-shape”. Rapid results are commonly seen with this treatment

The Ultimate Core Shrink- 8 treatments- now $2,399 was $2,999 save $501

4×45 minute stomach AND 4×45 minute back treatments. Reduce your overall waist size with this fantastic program targeting both the front and backside of the abdomen for amazing results. This will focus on common “bra bulge” many cannot seem to work off along with reducing fat deposits and pudge on all treated areas.

Lifestyle Rejuvenation now $2,599 was $3,000 save $401 

 6 treatments+ 1 month HCG medical weight loss program

This Package has a choice between 6×45 minute stomach treatments OR 6×60 minute leg treatments OR 3 treatments to each section. With this plan, patients are guaranteed weight loss and are also taught new and healthy eating habits to continue after treatment for maximum success in maintaining their new body. For a limited time, you will also receive 1yr of single dose Lipotropic B12 injections with this package!

Vanquish ME™ Makeover- now $3,599 was $5,500 save $1,901

12 treatments + 1 month HCG medical weight loss program+ 1yr Lipotropic B12

You will receive 6×45 minute stomach AND 6×60 minute leg treatments along with a 1-month long HCG medical weight loss program to completely change the shape of your body. Guaranteed weight loss paired with a total of 12 Vanquish ME™ treatments will result in significant changes. Included in this package is 1yr of single dose Lipotropic B12 injections!

The choice between 6 X 45 min stomach treatments AND 6 X 60 min leg treatments and a 1 month-long medical weight loss program to completely change your body. Guaranteed weight loss paired with a total of nine Vanquish METM treatments will result in significant changes for the participant. Say hello to a revitalized and slimmer new you after completing this fantastic program.